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Using a TP-Link Wireless Adapter with the BT Youview box

I’m experimenting with using a TP-Link TL-WA890EA wifi adapter with my BT YouView DTR1000 box. Using the adapter I can watch catch-up TV via any of the players & the full EPG functionality is there. However, I can’t watch streaming Internet TV from the BT internet TV channels. Any idea what is the cause of this? Do BT use multicast for this type of TV? TP-Link say that their unit supports multicast, but I still get no internet TV channels.
The YouView box shows the TV channels perfectly when using PLAs, but these consume a lot of power when not in use, so I’d like to use the TP-Link adapter which will switch off with the TV when powered from the TV USB socket.
The settings menu shows the YouView box as connected & with an IP of which is DHCP served from my BT Homehub 3
Here’s hoping that you can educate me on where I’m going wrong!

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Re: Using a TP-Link Wireless Adapter with the BT Youview box

In a nutshell, from what I've read on here, It wont work for the Internet channels. the homehubs seem to be designed not to broadcast multicast over wifi

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