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Using a talktalk box on BT

For those who wonder it is possible to use the talktalk provided Huawei boxes with BT

It will start up and then automatially restart to give you the BT player the channels with tune just fine including internet

I have spent the last 9 monhts fighting interference and pixelation and after trying the BT Humax DTR-T2100, DTR-T1000 I have bought an Huawei box for £35 on ebay almost new.

The box is not slow as some comparison make it look and picture quality is same or better. Compared to the Humax it appears to loose around 10% signal strength however even in the low 50% it does not pixelate or suffer from interference.

Supposingly this box is lower quality than the BT provided ones but at least it works without pixelation

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