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Using the BT FON App on the iPhone

We've had a great response to the app on the iPhone but have also had a few questions about how to download and then use the app to connect and login at a BT FON hotspot. 


We’ve added some screen shots below to make it easy to see the steps you should follow:


1.  Download the app from the app store on your iPhone

307i9A2E5F6A8EF2FDDB 308iF5254990C28EBAC1 309i077ABEB709DFBD91 310iF6B45D427E9479F1   


2. Click on configure settings and type in your BT Internet email address and password

311i001163B4243F17FE 312i8ED768DB790C54C1 313iADD24F9B083E9180 314i9B6E5186165C677F   


3.  If you're not already a member of BT FON or you aren’t sure, click the Opt in button on the home screen and then accept the terms and conditions



4.  When you are in a BT FON or BT Openzone hotspot for the first time, click on Settings on your iPhone home screen, then Wi-Fi and select BT FON or BT Openzone.  (You won’t need to do this again)

305i650C638659D4CAEF 304iA8CDCD3B33140621


5.  Open the BT FON Wi-Fi App, Log in and begin surfing…



6.  If you want to be connect to your Home Hub rather than BT FON, you simply click Settings on your iPhone menu screen, select Wi-Fi then click on your BT Home Hub

317i42C83129D6B2CEA7 318i24BA4B9590EE285E



What to do next time you want to use the app:


1.  Your phone will automatically connect to BT FON or BT Openzone so just open the app and click login



2.  Remember, if you want to use your Home Hub then simply click Settings on your iPhone menu screen, select Wi-Fi then click on your BT Home Hub

320i3B7BD0FAB2D76C99 321iB676991A76254F49

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