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VERY disappointed with BT - bad from start to finish

Update 8th June - WATCHDOG form completed with the details. Anyone else with issues, don't just comment here, contact WATCHDOG - the more people that do, the more likely we can get their appalling service brought into the limelight. Day 7 and still no broadband and still no date for reconnection. Once again i am left with extra fuel costs and childcare costs by needing to work from the office. No call from BT, had to chase them - 2 emails not responded to and a phonecall. Managed eventually to speak to the 'bored' sounding executive customer support person, and told they will call me tomorrow when they have more information...I won't hold my breath, I expect I will need to call them AGAIN!

Update 5th June - day 4 with no business broadband - called back from customer services, the same issue persists, the engineers have not closed their part so the new order cannot be raised. But I'm assured it has now been escalated to the responsible team...only took 4 days to decide to do this! And 'hopefully' it will be closed today, so that the new order can go through on Monday and 'hopefully' some time next week I will receive the internet service (although they cannot promise) that mine and my partners business desperately need back again. Needless to say after this weeks saga I am not holding my breath. Please anyone about to write a poor review - share also with WATCHDOG. In the hope that getting BT to review their full processes rather than trying to fix individual issues will provide future customers with a better service.

Update 4th June - can it get any worse? Seems it can! After cancelling my broadband in error, and still on day 3 having made no progress to reorder. It (remember I'm supposedly on an enhanced business service), has just become worse when I came in from work to a bill for over £500 they are going to debit from my account in a few days. It appears this is payment for my unused contract liability seeing as my account has been cancelled WHICH I DID NOT REQUEST! So now I'm expected to pay hundreds for their error and I STILL HAVE NO BROADBAND and currently no hope! PS, BT man I spoke to about invoice said he'd seen a lot of these 'changovers' going wrong, and account closures that shouldn't happen!

June 2nd - My company provided my work line and internet through BT, and following a company change asked employees to arrange their own providers and we would be subsequently subsidised. Let's keep this simple I thought, let's remain with BT, and just ask for everything to be switched to my name. WRONG choice! I was passed from department to department none of which seemed to know how I could switch to my name - passed from business to residential (times that by 3 or 4). Eventually I ffound someone who seemed to know, convinced me a business account would be better and she would arrange it all, including an upgrade to infinity. Long story short, upgrade hasn't happened, broadband has been cut off despite a call to them after I received a letter warning it would be cut off, and their subsequent reassurance this wouldn't happen, and now evidentally I need to wait 2 to 5 days to be reconnected. I am livid right now, and I'm unable to work. Assoon as I'm back online will be looking at how I can cancel my BT contract due to the POOR service. The only positive is my phone still works, although they managed to get a bill out to me, including 28 pound to move the account to my name and 4 pound payment charge whatever that is, sounds like they are charging me to bill me!! Really in 2015, can companies still remain this bad, with one department not knowing what the next is doing? And all this on a supposedly enhanced business service, I pity anyone on residential! Anyone considering BT, please rethink.

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Re: VERY disappointed with BT - bad from start to finish

if you have a business account then you should post here

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