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Re: VMC020 Error

Just so you know Andy. They said my account had it flagged on my account but they were getting confused. I would suggest they might be misreading the details. I don't think the staff have been trained very well to be honest!
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Re: VMC020 Error

Am also having similar issues. Spent 2 hours on the phone to Customer Support Support yesterday going through loads of resetting, downloading & reinstalling. All to no avail. I was told they'd ring me back today. No call as yet; I'm not holding my breath! Am definitely subscribed to BT Sport & the extra channels. Not impressed; not quite sure why I bothered. Not sure how to proceed now - apart from unsubscribing & forgetting the whole thing. BT, get your act together!!

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Re: VMC020 Error

Phone call from BT yesterday. Asked me to Force Synchronisation and then Reset Registration. Did this once and I received BT Sport SD. Did the same process a couple of minutes later after they had done something their end and I now received BT Sport HD. 


Could have saved alot of time and effort in the first place. Glad that BT have a free phone number.

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Re: VMC020 Error

If you originally subcribed to BT Sport by entering you sky viewing card details on the BT Website and then (like me) decided to have BT Vision, you must ring and cancel the active sky card.


If you have done this, then once you get through to the correct person/dept, it takes literally no time at all.


That was the reason i had the message about having to subscribe to watch.

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Re: VMC020 Error

I just hope that all you people out there with your VMC020 errors have had a better experience with Customer Services & Complaints than I've had.


Having spent 45 mins on hold to Customer Services on Saturday, & 15 mins on hold to Complaints today, I am completely infuriated with the whole process.


I was assured on Saturday that I definitely had BT Sports & BT Sports HD as part of what I'd ordered. The only reason I signed up to BT Vision in the 1st place was for the BT Sports & BT Sports HD channels. BT now claim that I never ordered them (& that they were only available on 01/08 so that customers could have a taste of what to expect!!) despite me having a printout from 22/07 showing clearly that I did order them via the website. Hence the reason for the "You need to subscribe" errors. I guess the online ordering process was not working correctly behind the scenes when I placed the ordered.


Apparently they can't apply these channels to my account retrospectively as part of my original TV package so I now have to pay extra for the privilege. The only way to resolve this is to apply a credit to my account instead!


I have also had the incident I raised about this problem closed off twice without resolution.


When I rang Complaints, the person I spoke to said he'd ensure that Customer Services rang me back to resolve the issue. Instead of doing that Customer Services texted my home phone!


Catalogue of errors, be warned!!


Disgruntled of Bath!!!!!!!

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Re: VMC020 Error

It is now Thursday and guess what. I have BT Sport at last on my tv but not on my pc but that does not matter nor on HD.

After searching the BT web site I found a phone number for upgrading the BT Sports Pack. I spoke to an helpful agent in the north of England who advised me that my package was set up correctly but there appeared to be a technical problem with it and would put me throught to Sport helpdesk. Alas, India. After many checks I was advised that my package was not set up correctly and I would be put back to the original dept. Well, after 81 minutes waiting I gave up the ghost and decided to try again. Another 45 minute wait then told I need to talk to the exceptions dept,the phone number is 0800 800 150 abd select

the exceptions option. No chance, I am asked what my problem is and then hold on. I then gave up until today. I tried early

this morning and eventually arrived back in India. I asked to be transferred to UK, "hold on I will speak to my Supervisor, sorry we do not have a technical deptin the UK??. Ok, please put me through to the exceptions dept, shoty wait this time THEN THE

SUN CAME OUT!!. I spoke with an agent caled Dean from the Easy Assist Dept, I started to explain to him, he said hold on a minute I will check your account, in no time he was back. "I can see what's wrong here and it will take me a short time to correct it" It appears that to get BTSport there are 2 parts to it. BT Sports Pack plus another pack Service on Vision or Sky.

The latter one had not been put on my account when I ordered. So if anyone is getting the same problem as me (See my original post) this may be the solution you require. After 8 days I am now happy. Thank you very much Dean.


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Re: VMC020 Error

Hi mborgars


Please can you send me your details so i can take a look at this for you?





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Re: VMC020 Error

As a result of the same problem, I sent this to the complaints team. I've never known such a shambolic service and I think many people know what major factor here is:



As you may see from this call ref, my BT Sport channels on BT Vision stopped working from Saturday 10th August. Since then I have spent hours on hold and on the telephone on Monday/Tuesday Wednesday and have had no help whatsoever.


I have had a mixture of disconnected calls, being told it will be resolved within an hour, to restart my BT Vision box, broken promises to return calls and one in particular where I was told I already had the app so it's alright!

As you can imagine, I am extremely frustrated at the level of service given to me.


The latest is that I have to call the exceptions team tomorrow morning. I am mentally drained from all these phone calls day and night and feel appalled that I'm breaking my back to resolve an issue that isn't my fault, and for a service that was taken away from me.


I work for a service desk and I feel your structure is atrocious. I'm never given a call reference unless I ask, there is no communication existent between departments, no professionalism at times and nothing is followed up to see if my problem has been resolved or not; either they leave all tickets open or just close them each time they pass the buck.


Like many others, a big driver for me subscribing to BT was the BT Sport channels. The football season starts on Saturday and I'm without the service. I'm going to reconsider my options if this is not resolved before then, and I expect somebody from your team to get in contact with me tomorrow in order to assist with this very unfortunate situation. The fact I've even had to ask for some courtesy speaks volumes of the customer care culture within your support team.

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Re: VMC020 Error

Hello, I know How to fix VMC020 error , 

first get your BT customer Number ,then don t call the BT support but the BT SELL SERVICE on 08001114567 and ask for bt vision , then tract order , you will speak to a sell adviser you need to tell then that the team support tell you:

 your are not gettint the package you have been sold and your are missing the Extra chanel package , 

They problably will tell you that the order hasn 't been close and it will be close tomorrow and you have to wait 24 hours , DONT TRUST THEM if they said 24 hours that mean they haven t done anything the problem can be fix in less then a hours I only had to wait 25 minutes to get all the chanel but it took me 2 days to speak to the write person so dont be fool with this 24 hours .

if you fallow this step your should have it all sorted in less then a hours , it will take 10 to 20 minutes for the sell person to correct the package and if they don t tell you it will be fix in this hour tried to call again fallow this step until you get it , 

It work for me just don t bother with the support team because they is nothing wrong with your broadband or bt vision is just that your are not getting what you have been told so the sell service it the one how can help you 

good luck 

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