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VPN Client can not connect

I have BT Fiber with BT Smart Hub.  

I have a Meraki firewall behind the SMarthub which connects to my Lan Network.

I need to connect to Lan from remote sites but BT Smarthub appears to be blocking connection.  Have set up port forwarding for port 500 and 4500.  

Meraki setup is OK as I can connect from wired and wireless ports on BT Smarthub thus bypassing BT SMarthub firewall.

Have tried every combination of port forwarding etc on Smarthub and no joy.


HELP Please


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Re: VPN Client can not connect

Have you set a static IP address on the device itself that you wish to forward the ports to? Have you disabled UPnP?

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Re: VPN Client can not connect

Trust me.  There's going to be nothing you can do to resolve this yourself.  Myself and 4 other work colleagues (all on either EE or BT) can no longer use our Fortinet VPN client to connect to our office LAN.


BT changed something in the last month or so which is now blocking (or interfering with) VPN connections.

I've worked in IT for the last 30 years and whilst I'm not a networking expert, I understand enough to know that this isn't something that we, the customer, can fix.

I've tried everything possible, as have my work colleagues, all without success.


Myself and some of my work colleagues have spoken with BT "experts", used live chat, search the forums and are still no closer to resolving this issue.


One of my work colleagues is already in the process of switching to Sky (all of my work colleagues who are not using EE or BT can connect to the VPN without any problems).


If this isn't resolved within the next month, then I'll also be switching our phone line and broadband to Sky.

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Re: VPN Client can not connect

Can anyone cofirm that is indeed a BT issue and that they have inadvertantly broken Fortinet VPN connections?

If I cannot connect to my employers network remotely I'll have to do a 400mile daily commute!

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Re: VPN Client can not connect

This issue was very much a BT issue.  Myself and 4 of my work colleagues (all on either BT or EE) couldn't connect to our office network around  a month ago.

This continued for about 3 weeks and then in the last week or so, everything started working again.

I checked with our company infrastructure team and they had made no changes at all.


My guess is that BT messed up some config or an upgrade at some point and have now rectified the issue.

Myself and all of my work colleagues affected by this (all using the Fortinet client) can now connect once again, without any issues.  If you're still having problems, then it might still be an issue with your company firewalls, but assuming nothing has been changed on that side, then you should be able to connect.

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