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VPN connection problems.

I have been having problems with my VPN connection at home.


I am currently on BT broadband Option 1, having recently changed from Virgin broadband as they could not support a VPN connection .


The connection works fine in the morning, and always drops out around 12.30 or sometimes sooner. After this I cannot re-establish the connection, usually untill the next dayu, or very late at night.


I have tested all the hardware equipment on another line (bt line, with btbroadband option 1 About two blocks away from my house. ) and it works fine.


On occasion after resetting the Home hub I can establish my VPN connection again.


I am going to upgrade to BT Business to see if this fixes the problem, although after talking to My IT section at work, many of then all run VPN connections at their home addresses with no problems, and I can run the same equipment from an address 800m away no problem.


Has anybody experienced Similar problems? Any suggestions as to a fix? I am concerned that if i upgrade to BT business that the problem will not be fixed. Also, why would i be having problems on BT broadband 1 package, when others using exactley the same equipment do not?

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Re: VPN connection problems.

Try going to whilst it works, then double check when it doesn't. Router might be having its 'heartbeat' and changing IP's. Going to a static might work, or using something like dyndns.


Also, find out whay port your VPN uses then to to to check you can be seen from the outside world, if not, then could be port forwarding issue.


Both of these are kind of unlikely seeing as it is a daily thing that happens at the same time, however they would be worth checking just to make sure.


Just my two cents 🙂

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Re: VPN connection problems.



I doubt that switchign to business broadband (and getting a static IP) will help.


What VPN software are you using?


You said "On occasion after resetting the Home hub I can establish my VPN connection again." Are you saying it will work again everytime after you reboot or only occasionally?  if so how often? 1 in 5 etc...





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