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VPN not working through BT Home Hub 5

I have recently upgraded to Home Hub 5 BT Infinity, all fine except that my work VPN (Checkpoint VPN Secureclient) just will not work with it. I have tried everything - portforwarding, disable BT web address, port clamping, even taking off the entire firewall - but nothing has worked. My work IT tell me it is BT's issue, and BT tell me they are going to charge me for sorting out the problem. 


I know that this has been an issue in the past ( but it rumbles on and is preventing me from working.


I find it astonishing that the hardware of a major national broadband provider is not compatible with the VPN used by a large organisation such as my public sector department. BT Infinity should come with a health warning...


Please help

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Re: VPN not working through BT Home Hub 5

Did you check address sharing, BT Protect, and BT Parental controls?


You may have to consider using a different modem/router.


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Re: VPN not working through BT Home Hub 5

yes, have looked through all these settings. But still not working.

Thanks all the same

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Re: VPN not working through BT Home Hub 5

Hi - sorry to jump in but I have a similar problem.


Until I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 about 2 weeks ago, I operated Parental Controls alongside the Cyberghost vpn, using servers in Europe. BT Protect off / never been on.  I connected immediately, with no issues.


After the upgrade, when I try to use the vpn I get a message saying ".. you are attempting to connect using a DNS server outside of our network".


It appears this is because I am using parental controls alongside the vpn (albeit it was never a problem whilst I was using a 8.1). I therefore switched off parental controls, but I am still getting this error message when I try to use Cyberghost.


Any ideas please ?


Many thanks



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VPN connectivity issues with BT Infinity 2



I'm unable (most of the time) to use my TorGuard VPN service since upgrading to BT Inifinity. This all worked fine on standard BT Broadband with Home Hub 4 (and on Virgin Media fibre before that) but since upgrading to Inifinty 2 and Home Hub 5 something's gone awry.


The VPN appears to connect and assigns me an IP but I'm unable to load a webpage. My VPN provider gives me the option to use its own secure DNS servers which I've tried to no avail. Sometimes I get an error page which reads:


You are seeing this page because you are using a BT service which requires the use of BT DNS Servers and it appears that you are attempting to connect using a DNS server outside of our network


Our BT Protect and BT Parental Controls services both require the use of BT DNS to keep you safe online.


You may have selected a different server in your network settings or installed an application that uses an alternative service.


This message only seems to appear at random when connecting using TorGuard's secure DNS servers. If I stick to BT's DNS my VPN flatly refuses to connect. I don't use Parental Controls and I don't have BT Protect or any other Internet securty software or firewall installed. All that said, I have managed on two or three occassions to get the VPN to work properly, alebit briefly, but these appear to be random flukes more than anything as I'm unable to reconnect with exactly the same settings next time I try.


I've called BT about this and they've escalated the problem to their "level 2 team" who apparently deal with these things. I did get a call from an engineer which dropped and he never called back. Hoping someone on here can help as I see I'm not the only one having this type of issue.


Things I've already tried:

- enabling port clamping

- attempting to connect with and without TorGuard's secure DNS servers

- connecting over TCP instead of UDP

- completely disabling the firewall in my HH5 (which isn't actually possible - option is there but radio button is disabled)


Starting to lose the will. Any suggestions?

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Re: VPN connectivity issues with BT Infinity 2

Another related thread.


There appears to be no answer apart from to use a different VDSL modem/router.


The HH5 is basically a domestic device intended for delivery of  entertainment services. VPNs tend to be used more by business users, which is probably why BT support is not able to help.


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Re: VPN not working through BT Home Hub 5

I am having the same problem - We have home hub 5 with fibre to the house.

Cant connect to my work VPN

Have tryed Clamping etc

It works anywhere else I go so why not where I need it most at home!


Can anybody help at support is no help at all - even tryed to pay but they only set up computers not VPN grrrrrr




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Re: VPN not working through BT Home Hub 5

my brother in law uses a free VPN from online site and it works fine with his bt hh5 on fibre note its not fibre to his house and only to the cabnet..


not sure if this will help you out

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