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Vc549 error code xbox

  • Hi i keep getting the Vc549 code on my xbox when i try to watch ufc, i can watch everything else but not ufc. How do i fix this ive uninstalled and reset internet and router etc. Thanks
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Re: Vc549 error code xbox

Sorry about that @Gordy7766 - it looks like something went wrong with that specific event last night. I've raised it with the team to investigate in detail tomorrow.

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Re: Vc549 error code xbox

Further investigations have found that long events don't work well in the new Pro Player on the Xbox - the Xbox takes too long to start the video, by which time its permission to play has expired.

With Fight Night being over 4 hours 30 minutes long, most users were experiencing this issue from the Xbox.

Other devices are working as normal, with video starting in just a few seconds.

We've temporarily disabled the Pro Player on Xbox whilst we work with Microsoft to find a way to make the video start playing faster.  This means you'll only be able to watch events live, or on replay (after they have finished) - you'll not currently have the option to rewind or start it from the beginning until after it has finished.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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