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Verifying non-BT account for email



Have successfully associated one non-BT email client with my new btinternet account for outgoing email off the old ISP/mail program. Am trying to do the same for my wife with her email but with no success.


1. In Mail options>Mail Accounts I add new account.

2. Give it account name and email address>Ok

3. "Skip this to set up to send only" and it appears to be ok in as much as it says to check the non-bt email address for the verification link. No link ever arrives at her email address though.


The option to send via the 'manual' link (for want of better expression) just takes me back to btinternet/yahoo log in.


The first time I tried this I did get a verification link but it didn't work when associating in her mail program so deleted her new email profile on the bt/yahoo side to try it again. Nothing doing since then.


Any thoughts/ideas/work-arounds greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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