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Very Poor Performance Since Installation



Just went to pay my bill there and noticed I have to pay about £3 a month more now. As a result I have decided to try and get the service I should expect.


Had the youview box installed at the beginning of October, shortly after moving house and having the Infinity moved over. We are now getting around 72mbit down ~ 18mbit upload on the broadband, bandwidth is not the issue and the network is configured perfectly as are all host devices.


Youview box is connected directly to router using ethernet cable.


In a nutshell the following characteristics apply and have done so since day 1.


  • It takes around 4 minutes to power on (eco mode low)
  • it takes around 8 seconds for epg data to display when moving from one screen of results to another.
  • Remote control presses are taking around 5 seconds to register for youview related commands, such as changing channel, opening the menu, launching an on-demand application.
  • When recording, performance of youview box becomes worse still, taking up to 15 seconds to respond to commands.
  • 3rd party on demand players operate OK albeit slow, however BT player is dreadful. It usually takes 3 attempts to watch anything on the BT player and usually the following happens on each attempt:
  1. It will get stuck on the 4 dots loading screen and hang, requiring full power cycle
  2. Sound will play but screen will remain black, requiring at least a quit of the BT app, sometimes this will not recover until another full power cycle.
  3. Will usually work.

I was very much looking forward to the youview platform becoming available and all I can say is that because of the performance of this thing we are sick of it. Neither of us bother recording anything because it doesn't really work and frankly we are not getting value for money from the service, when you bare in mind the premium I am paying for the infinity over competitor fibre products this TV service is frankly not worth the money. 


I would appreciate someone letting me know whether this is just normal behaviour of this piece of equipment or whether something can be done to resolve it. I believe the software version is 7.76 and was updated in January.


Thank you


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Re: Very Poor Performance Since Installation

Hi, first things first. That software version is very wrong, are you sure you have a youview box and not a vision box, the latest BT YouView software should be 15.11.0 (


I would suggest a maintenance reset.

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