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Very Poor Service - Still owe money

Hi Forum,


Decided to post my frustration on here as no-one is listening in the call centre.


After being a customer for years I was moving house, gave BT 6 weeks notice of my home move. On the day no engineer arrived and no service was running. I paid my full bill on 26th Sept and had my internet stopped at the previous property on 27th Sept.


In short, 4 engineer appointments with no engineer arrival (4x days off work = lost income!) plus over 20hrs of calls from my phone and still kept giving me a new date saying there was some sort of problem. But no one explained and each case advisor would ditch my account leaving me in limbo with no one taking ownership.


After having 13 accounts set up and closed I had enough with BT so rang and closed my account. 


EE are now providing me with broadband, fully set up within a week claiming the problem was the previous owners still had their account active - this was provided with BT.


The final person I spoke to said I was better leaving BT and going elsewhere so I did. BT still owe me £22 but won't pay out as the accounts are all closed.


Anyone else experience horrendously poor service from the entire team. Each person telling me a different story.


It would be great if BT could send me my refund of £22 so I can never think about your company again.


BT please look at the account and realise what a massive mistake was made! 

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Re: Very Poor Service - Still owe money

Hi @SamFerguson Very sorry to hear about all the problems you have encountered trying to get your account set up.


As the community will not be able to help you with this billing issue we'll be happy to step in and lend a hand if you send us your details. You can contact us by clicking on my user name and selecting contact the mods.


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