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Very Poor Service

I Had Infinity installed on the 18th october 2012, first couple of days the speed was amazing staying around 76 down & 17 up, but since it averages between 4 - 15 down & 15 up, spent daft amounts of money trying to resolve but the bt team do not appear to have a clue let alone understand me, spent over an hour on the phone with an obvious over seas call center & the guy could not answer one question, just repeated unplug & all ok, then told me i have to give 6 months for line to settle to which i ask if this meant i could give 6 month before i pay then, i have one master socket and nothing else in the house, its direct off the drop line & no extensions, hh3 type b conected straight off socket, the connection is shocking to say the least & significantly slower then my previous 6 meg ADSL line, I am now unable to stream any media even through bt's vision box, how the hell can i get this resolved when the technical helpline is no use at all, if i cancel my direct debit will bt call me? its by far the worst customer service i have ever dealt with and a costly one, since have my homehub 2 disconnected i have no phones as my service was through the home hub so all calls unfortunatly through the mobile, would not recomend infinity, if you have it and it works then your lucky, i have the green fttc box outside my house and no more than 20 meter of cable so something is

seriously not right, have tested on 3 different PC's, 2 being laptops both on wireless & through the giga port on the homehub 3,

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Re: Very Poor Service

Why can't you just connect a phone to the phone socket - or were you relying on Hub phones?  A basic corded phone is dirt cheap these days (as low as £5).


If you stop the direct debit, then BT will contact you - but it will be the billing department, not the technical.  This will be followed by disconnection, and a re-connection fee to pay if you want to be connected again.  And don't expect them to investigate the problem while you're disconnected.


6 months is ridiculous.  At most, there is a 10 day settling period, and it's doubtful if it even needs that for VDSL.  If you plug in a phone, you may well be able to tell if there's a line fault - crackling, hissing or suchlike means a fault, which you can report to BT.  For best results, use a corded phone, dial 17070 and select option 2 for a quiet line test.  After a short recorded message, you should hear nothing.  Any noise on the line is a fault.

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Re: Very Poor Service

Is this via wireless?


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