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Very Unstable BT Infinity :(

We switched from Sky Broadband to BT Infinity this January. Since March this year, our broadband becomes very unstable. The problem usually starts with the DSL light on the openreach box going off, and the Internet light on the hub goes amber, then the DSL light will flash in green for a certain amount of time, after which everything goes normal, or sometimes not, after an unexpected amount of time(could be just 1 sec, to couple of hours) the same loop happens again. This happen every one or two weeks, when it happens, the internet connection is literally down at least 50% of the time, with the DSL/internet lights flashing away.


The staff on the BT helpline usually just tell us to do some unplug/plug thing with the hub and openreach box, which never worked. Almost every month we got an engineer sent to our home eventually. Every time the engineer did a line test and a bunch of other tests. We were told there was a fault on BT network and they managed to fix that. After that we usually can have a normal internet connection for one week, or two, if we are lucky. Then the same problem happens again. Until now,it still remains. They keep telling us there was fault on BT network but we don't know why it is still not fixed effectively after nearly 5 months?


Tomorrow another engineer will be coming and we are no longer even sure this can be fixed properly, ever. We becomes very frustrated because I work from home occasionally, and this totally messed up our schedule/plan...


If anyone happens to know any numbers we can call or anyway this problem can be escalated, we will be grateful to know that. Thank you.

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Re: Very Unstable BT Infinity :(

Hi Chaobai


Welcome to the community. I am sorry to read of the fault with your Infinity service.


Send me an email using the contact us link in my profile, you can click on this link in the section 'About Me'.





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