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Very happy with the new You View Box

I have just upgraded from a black BT Vision Box to the new BT You View box and I have to say I am very impressed so far. Not only is the new box very small and neat, but the picture and functionality that I have tested to date has been faultless. I am connection to Broadband using Power Adapters and they seem absolutly fine. I live in a small village where on a good day with the wind in the right direction I get 2.4 Mbs. It dropped below 2 Mbs last night but BBC i lPlayer apart from 2 short buffers during an hours playing was fine. I know BT don't promote the use of Power Adapters with You View, as without doubt they are slower than a direct ethernet connection, but I have had no problem at all using them.


In short, well done to Humax/BT for providing what for me so far is an excellent product.

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Re: Very happy with the new You View Box

I have to agree with you. We got the G4 last week and to date (touch wood) there were no problems with our packages, switching over or any other problems. It was really smooth and the G4 box is fast quick and works really well. A good bit of kit that the family really like.



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