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Very poor customer service

We've been without phone line or broadband since Tuesday the 9th of October, making this day number fourteen of no connection.

Whilst we appreciate the fault line operatives are reliant on the notes provided by the OpenReach engineers, the consistent and repeated assurances that it will be completed 'within 24 hours' are completely unacceptable. It means that I am trapped in a cycle of having to call every evening to try and chase our continued lack of service. Surely the first engineer, who supposedly looked at the fault on the 11th, should have identified that this was a job that couldn't be completed within 24 hours, and fed back appropriately.

I have been promised five call backs from members of the complaints team, of which I have only received one. 

The onging nature of this fault is having a significant impact on our family life, as my spouse relies on the home internet to complete work, and thus they are having to stay later and later to complete work, and leave earlier in the morning. 

Equally, the nature of the repeated assurences that it is twenty four hours away from working means that I have made 19 calls to BT fault line and spent almost six hours in conversation with various operatives. 

Please advise why I shouldn't switch to a different provider; I realise that Open Reach are ubiquitous across all providers, but BT's customer service has left me feeling extremely frustrated.

I'm posting my complaint here as well as I am now trying to raise the issue in every contact option available.

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Re: Very poor customer service

Hi @catdobs,

Welcome to the community and thank you for post. I can totally understand your frustration and I'm sorry you've been given conflicting information regarding the fault on your line.

I'd like to try and help put things right and to get a better understanding of what is happening with the fault on your line. Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile?




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Community Manager - Retired
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Re: Very poor customer service

@catdobs sorry I missed you when I called. I will send you an email shortly with some more information about your fault, I am sorry this has proved to be more complex than originally anticipated.


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