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Very slow 3/4G


Apologies if this isn't in the right place or doesn't make much sense, I am not the most tech savy. 

I do a lot of streaming and never had an issue, but last few days it has been really slow and the kids have been saying their internet has been slow as well. They use wifi so i am not sure why this is as when I do a speed test the speeds are fine (approx 70mbps) but when I take my wifi off (on phone) and do a speed test i struggle to get above 3mbps) It was a case a while back that my 4g non wifi was faster so not sure what has happened? 

I have tried rebooting the router but its still the same issue. Like I say not sure should cause an issue as I run my firestick and kids use laptops etc through wifi, but something definitely right. 

Any help would be appreciated. 


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Re: Very slow 3/4G

Is your broadband supplied by BT Retail? 

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Re: Very slow 3/4G

I presume so, my contract for mobile and broadband is with BT. 


Would it be different then? Sorry if that sounds thick.

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Re: Very slow 3/4G


Your 4g speed results have nothing to do with your and the kid's wifi speeds on the various devices.

4g comes via a mast close by but your wifi comes through your internet connection, ie, from your BT Home Hub.

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Re: Very slow 3/4G

Thanks, is there anything I can do to make my 4g better? Seems odd how always used to be around 100mbps and now down to 2/3mbps.

Or do these things just happen and will fix itself in a few days? Thanks.

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Re: Very slow 3/4G

If 4G has suddenly had a big drop in speed, it's more than likely a local issue with the cell mast or kit. Have you tried rebooting your phone? 

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Re: Very slow 3/4G

Thanks for the reply. 


Yes, switched it off and on a few times and still the same, well in fact this time down to 3g and 1 bar. When do speedtest through BT wholesale site its 0 download and 0 mbps


I know my streaming will go through wifi but that is dead slow as well. Its almost as if my streaming is using '4'g rather than wifi, even though firestick says connected to wifi. Unless I am missing something obvious? 

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