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Very slow Broadband for a few weeks now

Hi all,


We really need some assistance with our Broadband. For the last few weeks it has been very slow, even out of peak hours. We're currently on Option 3 (Up to 8Mb), but we're getting nothing like that.


Here are the stats from our HH 2b (Not connected long due to our electric going off. Was connected for about 8 days before this):




As you can see it's synced ok, but here is our results from BT Speed Tester:


BT Speed Test.jpg


The speed we are getting is truely awful. These results are with the HH and filter plugged straight into the NTE5 test socket, nothing else in.


When it was setup normally with two extensions for our Multi-room Sky+ HD boxes, the speed was about the same. We've renewed all the internal wiring upto the master socket, tried double-filtering the Sky boxes, but nothing, so I can only assume it's a problem from the master socket outwards.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, as we can't think of anything else we can do to try and get it to a reasonable speed. Thanks again.

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Re: Very slow Broadband for a few weeks now

you still have an 8mb connection but your download/throughput is rubbish at 446.  check your exchange here to see if any reported problems


if there is nothing reported then you need mod assistance.  fill up this

and include a link to your posts.


mods will get back to you but may take few days

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Re: Very slow Broadband for a few weeks now

Doesn't appear to be anything wrong at our exchange (Rochford, EAROC).


Thanks for providing the link to contact the mods, I have contacted them.

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