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Very slow Infinity

Speeds of around 20mbps are now reduced to just 3.4 download. Upload is still around 7.5.





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Re: Very slow Infinity

Hi and welcome.


Can you run a BT speedtest and note your IP Internet Profile, which is the settings the Exchange has set you on.

FTTC Diagnostic on whilst Wired.

Doing the speed test when wired would remove any possible wireless issues.

And post the results in your thread.


It may be if your not in the ten day settling in period after installation, you could try a reboot of the modem and router as in THIS THREAD.


More info in THIS THREAD if you need to contact the forum mods if reboot hasn't improved your result.


Btw if you normally use a wireless connection you may be on wireless g which will only give around 20Mbps ish.

If you note your IP setting from the results above and it is something like 38716Kbps  (38Mbps).... Or faster than 20Mbps

Then when things get sorted getting a USB wireless n adapter will help give you the faster Infinity speed.


Also if you find your wired speed results are ok but it's the wireless connection that has the poor speed, then it could be a neighbours wireless signal appearing on the same channel you are using.... or some other interference.

Moving your HH3 from it's automatic setting (info HERE) to a better less used channel might help.


Anyhow...... first thing is to see the wired speed results to get an idea of the exchange (IP) settings you are on.


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