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Very slow broadband problems

Hello, I hope someone can help me diagnose my broadband problems! For the last couple of weeks my broadband speed has dropped from around 45mb/s to 0.1-2mb/s. Also, when the landline rings it knocks out the broadband and several times a day the broadband just drops out for a few minutes at a time.


I'd like to know whethet this is likely to be a line issue or it's my hub. I don't really want to pay £130 for an engineer needlessly.


I've run a quiet line test which showed nothing. Have done the BT line test on their webpage and nothing showing. Speed test stats are:

1. Best Effort Test:

Download Speed : 0.4 Mbps

2. Upstream Test:

Upload Speed : 0.23 Mbps


Router connection stats:


ADSL Line Status
Connection Information
Line state:Connected
Connection time:0 days, 00:48:33
Downstream:574.3 Kbps
Upstream:1.14 Mbps


There is no test socket on my master socket. I have a Home Hub 4 which is around four years old.

Any help very gratefully received. Many thanks in advance.


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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Very slow broadband problems

unfortunately if you have extension sockets in other rooms you cannot without a test socket eliminate your internal wiring as causing the problem  have you tried replacing the filter


this sounds like a line problem not a HH4 problem but if it's due to your internal wiring then you would get charged the 3130 callout fee but if probelm with line outside your property then you would not be charged

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