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Very slow, not superfast.

SUPERFAST BROADBAND! Check out my superfast speed on infinity.....had this problem for 2 months and want my money back!

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Re: Very slow, not superfast.

Mine slows down every 12 hours. I raised a fault with BT and they are investigating.

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Re: Very slow, not superfast.

I have a similar fault - slows down and need to disconnect from the internet and then reconnect to restore the 'infinity' speed - though I dream of 4Mbs when its on a go slow - 0.7Mbps is more usual.

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Re: Very slow, not superfast.

that is better speed than i get. i have complained about infinity many times, nothing gets done, the mods keep bleating on about using a wired connection, blah blah, so why do B.T advertise it as 40mb wireless broadband. infinity is a lie and a farce and when my contract ends, BT can stick it where the sun don't shine

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Re: Very slow, not superfast.

A wired connection will always be the fastest i have never seen an advert that says infinity is a 40mb wireless broadband i would be interested to see the advert
Also any speed test run should be carried out using a wired connection it is clearly stated on the BT speed test
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Re: Very slow, not superfast.

try this speedchecker....

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Re: Very slow, not superfast.

But, the fact remains that many many people on here HAVE done speed tests using a wired connection AND find that their Infinity connection does indeeed slow right down at varing intervals. Mine was every day or so. Others are worse.


For many a simple hub disconnect and reconnect, and therefore getting issued a new IP, seems to cure the problem for the next time period. Not all are cured this way, but many are. Maybe it depends what IP range you get allocated?


Of course, this is NOT a cure, and needs to be investigated properly, and we as customers surely deserve some information and explanation about what is going on.


I simply do NOT believe that all these issues are caused by faulty hubs because my connection, which started to exhibit these problems after a3 or 4  months has automagically corrected itself, and has been just fine now for 13 days, no restart or anything needed. I have NOT, repeated, NOT changed anything at my end. So, the only conclusion I can logically come to is that something somewhere on the other side of my master socket has changed - or BT has slipped a software update into the HH3 (my firmware version is V100R001C01B031SP09_L_B, last update "unknown", so this seems unlikely)


So, please, give us some credit in knowing when something is not right.


I accept some people are expecting high speed via wireless and understand the issues here, and need to be "informed". On my wireless "g" systems I get around 18/8 megs most of the time, now all is well. Wired, 37.5/8.86 megs. But, everyone's mileage will vary of course.


BUT, there are still a number of people here from around the country now who DO genuinely see this slowdown problem, and do the wired tests, and still have NO explanation or FIX for the problems.


This is a flagship product which is supposed to be streaming us the Olympics (ho ho), and so on. When we get slowdowns, forget I-players etc, web pages struggle to load before even attempting to select a program to watch.


I'm sure most, if not all of us, would be very happy with some explanation and some indication that we are believed and that some form of action plan to solve the issue is being formulated.




Rob (who's happy at the moment with his Infinity service!)




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