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Very slow speeds after fault repair

My line went inexplicably dead on friday, reported it as a phone fault, as no dial tone,  Openreach engineer repaired it on Monday evening.

Line has been connected and stable since then, the automated system told me it could take 3 days for speeds to come back up, but there is no sign of them shifting at all so far

Modulation : ADSL2+
Uptime : 0 days 17 hours 12 minute(s) 11 seconds
Annex Mode : Annex A/L
CRC Down : 0
CRC Up : 0
FEC Down : 0
FEC Up : 0
HEC Down : 0
HEC Up : 0
SNR Up : 9.8
SNR Down : 25.6
Line Attenuation Up : 26.7
Line Attenuation Down : 48.9
Data Rate Up : 886
Data Rate Down : 288


The only thing I can see wrong is that SNR is shifting around a fair bit, varying from 23.8 up to 28.0.  My sync speed before the fault was around 8000.

I will hopefully be moving to VDSL in a couple of weeks, but it would be nice to get up from dialup speeds until then.

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Very slow speeds after fault repair

with all the problems you have had with your connection which has now been fixed you have ended up in a banded profile  this should start to release automatically provided you can remain connected to the internet for 3/5 days

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