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Video streaming from a phone to a DLNA TV via a Home Hub 2b - Speed problems

The Network:

I have a Home Hub 2b ( Software version (Type B) ) running on Infinity 2. The router is set for b/g/n working.

I have two devices, one a netbook PC set for 'n' working and this connects at 54Mbps at best. The other a new WP8 device ( Lumia 620 ) which connects at 39Mbs at best to the same router. Even if both devices are physically next to the router.

A DLNA TV is connected via wired 'power hub adapter' cables, the router claims this is connected at 100Mbps. This setup plays BBC iPlayer HD via an inbuilt TV app through this same wired connection fine.


A speed test to an ADSL speed test connection site usually gives mid to high twenty's speed for the Netbook around say 26Mbps, and mid to low twenty's for the phone say 21Mbps download speeds.


The problem:

The phone can make 720p or WVGA video which play OK on the phone. But when I stream them via my network to the DLNA TV they stutter really badly. The 720p is worst and the WVGA is not quite as bad, but neither are smooth and you wouldn't want to watch either for long.


The Questions:

1 Why should a new 'n' phone only connect to the BT router at 39Mbps (as reported by the router), yet an older 'n' netbook connect at 54Mbps?

2 For a BT HH2b, what are the expected connection speeds from an 'n' device. i.e. is 54Mb and 39Mb acceptable and expected or is it slow?

3. Should I be able to stream 720p video wirelessly to the hub and then wired to the TV. (The TV plays BBC iPlayer HD stuff fine through the same wired connection).



Thanks in advance.


PS extra info here - and here - I've been asking on other forums as well (Charlie55).



EDIT - I later found this on the Nokia sites (as yet unconfirmed) FAQ:


When connecting Nokia mobile device (e.g. N8-00) to a WLAN access point using the IEEE 802.11n mode, connectivity issues have been observed with access points from certain vendors. Problems have been observed with at least the following WLAN products:
FritzBox 7270
Livebox 2
BT HomeHub V2.0 Type B
Netgear DGN1000

The issue is related to a WLAN chip used in these access points. To solve the problems, it is recommended to upgrade the access point firmware to the latest version.

If there is no firmware update available or the update doesn't help, the workaround is to disable the 802.11n mode and force the access points to use just the 802.11b/g mode.


Is anyone aware if this issue is now fixed and out of date?


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Re: Video streaming from a phone to a DLNA TV via a Home Hub 2b - Speed problems

Ring BT and get them to swap out your hh2 for a hh3
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Re: Video streaming from a phone to a DLNA TV via a Home Hub 2b - Speed problems

I didn't know BT did that for free?


I've emaied them via your link.



Mind you though, it would be nice if BT could just get their auto-update system working. I bet there are loads of people with HH2s probably on the wrong (old) software. I know one other at least. f they can't make an auto update system that works, why not at least provide a quick and easy manual update method, like click <update now> button?





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