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Viewing email on my Tablet or Phone via BT Mail Server

New BT email

Please can anyone help, I am at my wits end…..

I have been transferred over from Yahoo to BT Mail 2 months ago, and I know the reasons why and I no it takes a while to be migrated across. But why after 18months they  can only managed to produce this..!!
I have never come across such a poor e mail service.... and I am paying for the privilege.

Problems currently experiencing :
1. The system times you out after between 3 to 5 mins, even if you are in the middle of an e mail.
2. You block e mails or mark them as spam and they are back again sometime in less than a hour.
3. Puts addresses in that I haven't even clicked on….
4. Only attaches photos etc, when it wants too, then most of the times you get an error message.
5. I have had every error message on the forum....... 😞

6. When I phoned up desperate for help, someone I am fairly sure was in India told me they would phone me back in the next 24hrs, they did, but I was as work on my mobile, I did what they asked and reset my browser setting to default on all my browsers, including my Laptop, Samsung Tablet and HTC Phone, which at that point I could at least view emails and get into my folders even though I had error messages constantly. So I reset my browser setting to default, and the technicians were updating my setting at BT... somewhere, to see if that helped. Since then I have not been able to view on my Tablet or Phone, India kept phoning me back on my Home Phone, to see how everything was, but I was at work and they only called between 9.30am and 2.50pm, so I wasn't back from work, they never called again on my mobile, and as they couldn't get hold of me assumed all was well and left a message on my home phone to say they had closed the complaint/problem !

7. I have phoned again, and to be fair a lady with a very heavy Asian accent did try for 40mins to do something and even remoted my Laptop, but that isn't the problem…. In the end the lady told me that I needed to contact Samsung and HTC as there must be something wrong with there settings !! Aaaaahhhhh But my partners Phone and tablet that I didn't reset, which are also the same models as mine, will not load BT e mail via the main site either…. but as with mine they did previously before "The technician Help was given" Someone is supposed to be phoning back after they have spoken to the next technician above, as they dont know what setting were changed on my account after the first lot of technical advise, but that's been over 24hrs now, and I am away from home soon and need the use of my phone and email folders, which I haven't been able to access on any of the e mail Apps.


Please can someone help…. it trys to load, and virtually gets all the way through until the “Loading Trusted Sender List” then throws me straight back to BT Home page every time along with of course a trusty “error code 70002- cannot connect to server” or “10016 and error has occurred when initialising mail” !! I have phoned Samsung as she requested who have quite rightly said, “ If it was working initially it will not be our settings it is something they have done with your settings at BT or have asked you to do !!

Is it only me having these problems with the New BT Mail ??

After 19 years being with BT this may make me leave, I am not sure I can make it until everyone is migrated in September

Please help…. !!!

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Re: Viewing email on my Tablet or Phone via BT Mail Server

Hi LoopyLou3,

Welcome and thanks for posting. I can look into this for you. Drop me an email with the details. You'll find the "contact us" form in the about me section of my profile. Once I have the details we'll take it from there.



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