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Virus protect all good?

I know it is early days but last week [Nov 2018] i downloaded BT Virus protect so far so good. For many years i have used Norton which although very good seemed to slow my 5 yr Laptop down , nothing too much but certainly noticed a difference in speed when it was removed.

I then started using Windows defender which seemed perfectly good to me but as i do on line Banking/ Purchases  thought i could do with something which offered more? protection.

So after many many Months of debating whether i should risk BT Virus Protect   and reading several horror stories on these Forums decided to risk it. Seems i needn't of worried , am i in the minority here? All seems to be good, Laptop is same as it was with no noticable changes in performance , scans are ok although a full scan takes some time to run. 

Not used Trukey yet , Interface is very clean and easy to use with lot's of helpful info on getting the most out of the App'

I hope this helps others out there decide to give it a try , i guess you have nothing to lose and if you don't like it just delete it and go elsewhere. McAfee  seemlessly works with BT and as it is Free you have nothing to lose? I know there are other Free apps out there but if i remember correctly you have to put up with annoying pop ups asking you to upgrade to the paid version, you get none of that here. Hope this Helps.  


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