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Visible download speed not actual download speed.



So I am a customer using the BT infinity fibre optic package who is, according to, getting a 21ms ping time, around 40mbps down and around 18mbps up. However when trying to download file from the internet I keep recieving a predicted finish time of 6 hours. To put this into context these files were 200 - 300 MB big. This should've at the speed shown, have been completed within minuites of starting the download. Up to very recently I have been very pleased with the internet quality BT have provided but download times like these are unsatisfactory and disapointing. Please reply to me with a fix. I do also understand that my speeds will fluxtuate but should never get this low.


Additional information

I am using a TP - LINK Dual Band PCIE wifi adapter.

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Re: Visible download speed not actual download speed.

Can you post your line stats from the HH5 please? These are in Troubleshooting/Helpdesk on the web interface at

Lines 1-13 will be enough

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Re: Visible download speed not actual download speed.

file download speed can be affected by the sites server some will limit speeds data can be downloaded at
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