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Vodafone Sure Signal problem due to BT stability

Just a quick post to help any Vodafone Sure Signal users who are struggling to make calls.


There are major compatibility issues between SS and the various BT hubs. Go to the vodafone forum to see how many people are struggling to make calls and many suggestions on what to do. I am surprised no one has started a 'class action' against Vodafone!


This post relates to a different problem as I am one of the lucky ones who has managed to get the hub & SS talking to each other properly.


I recently returned from holiday to find that my Sure Signal wouldn't work at all. Classic problem all three lights on but no calls in or out. Tech support sorted it out and it started working --- well sort of!


However over half the time I just got a beep when trying to make a call and never received incoming calls. Anyway after a lot of investigations I noticed that stability of the 'Ping' (latency) on the line was absolutely awful. It didn't affect browsing too much but clearly the SS is very susceptible to lost packets and long ping times.


Spoke with BT Tech Experts who asked me to monitor and report back to them.


I found a piece of software that automates the ping testing called surprise surprise Ping Tester see   www You can run it in eval mode.


I set it to ping Google every hour for 1000 seconds and found that about 8% of the pings were getting lost and that a considerable amount of the time the ping was over 200ms.


Monitoring started on a Saturday but I didnt start recording the info till Sunday. Then miraculously on Monday morning some time after 9.17 am on Monday the problem went away. (8% lost pings to zero) I suspect that a BT engineer reset something but have no proof of this.


Anyway the problem has gone away for now. See below for actual results. The records for 10 am - 1.00 pm are missing because I left the spreadsheet open and ping tester couldn't write to the file.


I am continuing to monitor the ping and have noticed occasional deteriorations for a couple of hours but so far it has always returned to zero lost pings.





Start TimeToSentReceivedLostLoss RateMin TimeMax TimeAvg Time
19/01/2014 17:3419/01/2014 17:35128118107.81%34 ms271 ms41 ms
19/01/2014 18:0019/01/2014 18:08500464367.20%34 ms191 ms39 ms
19/01/2014 19:0019/01/2014 19:09500458428.40%34 ms132 ms39 ms
19/01/2014 20:0019/01/2014 20:08500465357.00%34 ms130 ms38 ms
19/01/2014 21:0019/01/2014 21:08500468326.40%34 ms188 ms39 ms
19/01/2014 22:0019/01/2014 22:08500461397.80%34 ms155 ms39 ms
19/01/2014 23:0019/01/2014 23:171000918828.20%34 ms343 ms39 ms
20/01/2014 00:0020/01/2014 00:171000911898.90%34 ms214 ms39 ms
20/01/2014 01:0020/01/2014 01:171000922787.80%34 ms238 ms38 ms
20/01/2014 02:0020/01/2014 02:171000920808.00%34 ms131 ms38 ms
20/01/2014 03:0020/01/2014 03:171000930707.00%34 ms154 ms39 ms
20/01/2014 04:0020/01/2014 04:171000920808.00%34 ms143 ms38 ms
20/01/2014 05:0020/01/2014 05:171000940606.00%34 ms160 ms39 ms
20/01/2014 06:0020/01/2014 06:171000929717.10%34 ms153 ms38 ms
20/01/2014 07:0020/01/2014 07:171000946545.40%34 ms129 ms37 ms
20/01/2014 09:0020/01/2014 09:171000913878.70%34 ms322 ms40 ms
20/01/2014 14:0020/01/2014 14:171000100000.00%33 ms76 ms35 ms
20/01/2014 15:0020/01/2014 15:171000100000.00%32 ms94 ms34 ms
20/01/2014 17:0020/01/2014 17:171000100000.00%33 ms828 ms39 ms
20/01/2014 18:0020/01/2014 18:17100099910.10%33 ms879 ms47 ms
20/01/2014 19:0020/01/2014 19:171000100000.00%33 ms119 ms35 ms
21/01/2014 00:0021/01/2014 00:171000100000.00%33 ms83 ms35 ms
21/01/2014 01:0021/01/2014 01:171000100000.00%33 ms72 ms35 ms
21/01/2014 02:0021/01/2014 02:171000100000.00%33 ms66 ms35 ms
21/01/2014 03:0021/01/2014 03:171000100000.00%32 ms91 ms34 ms
21/01/2014 04:0021/01/2014 04:171000100000.00%33 ms73 ms35 ms
21/01/2014 05:0021/01/2014 05:171000100000.00%33 ms75 ms35 ms
21/01/2014 06:0021/01/2014 06:171000100000.00%33 ms88 ms35 ms
21/01/2014 07:0021/01/2014 07:171000100000.00%34 ms733 ms36 ms
21/01/2014 08:0021/01/2014 08:171000100000.00%33 ms378 ms38 ms
21/01/2014 11:0021/01/2014 11:171000100000.00%32 ms404 ms36 ms
21/01/2014 12:0021/01/2014 12:171000100000.00%33 ms220 ms35 ms


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Re: Vodafone Sure Signal problem due to BT stability

I assume that the Vodaphone box connects via an Ethernet cable?


Which port do you have it plugged into, as there are issues with the Gigabit ports, where packets are lost due to auto-negotiation issues on the Ethernet link.

The Ethernet link pulses on some hardware devices, get corrupted, causing the Gigabit ports to keep swapping between 1Gb and 100Mb, this results in packet loss.

This can be overcome on a computer, by setting the network card to 1Gb Full Duplex, and not Auto Negotiate.


I doubt that this option is available on the Vodaphone device.


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Re: Vodafone Sure Signal problem due to BT stability

It is connected by an ethernet cable but I dont think your suggestions apply in this case. I have been monitoring the performance of the line all week and was regularly getting 35ms and no lost pings.


At 24.00 yesterday it went belly up and average ping went out to 100+ms with up to 25% ping loss. Called BT Tech Experts who did something as within 5 minutes it was all stable again at 35ms and no lost pings.


Just a pain having to call them each time.


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