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Voicemail abroad

Hi, new to BTmobile and its working on my galaxy S3

I'm going abroad in the next 3 days and looked at VM options.


Synopsis of bt help page

To listen to your messages when abroad:

  1. Call your own mobile number prefixed with +44 and dropping the leading zero e.g. +44 7818123456
  2. When you hear the voicemail greeting interrupt it by pressing 9
  3. When you hear the voice prompt, enter your voicemail security code
  4. You will now be able to listen to your messages

full listing here

I've set it up and it works fine here until I press 9 when I hear my personal greeting and nothing happens????

Can anyone help?

Thanks Chris


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Re: Voicemail abroad

That link you gave is for business mobile.

Try this link,7526,7555

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Re: Voicemail abroad

Thanks for that, its not free as business is then

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Re: Voicemail abroad

As it says on the charges page


Calls are chargeable when you call:

  • any number in the UK that isn't in the list above
  • any international number
  • any number when you're abroad


So that would include voicemail.

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