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WAN IP keeps changing (twice a day)



I have installed an Apple Time Capsule in replacement to the homehub 3 for BT infinity. I set it up with PPPoE and username password ''space''.


It was running solidly for about 8 hours and then I noticed the light on the Apple TC flashing yellow for about 20 seconds - this means that potentially the internet has dropped out. After this, the external IP address (www.whatismyipaddress) also changes so this would suggest a drop out. After the 20 seconds we are back online.


This has since happened again, so thats twice in 24 hours. Does anyone know what could cause this? Could my IP profile be too high? Is the DHCP lease given to the TC expiring?


I am very reluctant to phone tech support becuase they just will not understand the fact I am NOT using the homehub and will simply blame that.


I never noticed this on the homehub but that had its own issues - wifi signal would vanish constantly!


Any help?



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Re: WAN IP keeps changing (twice a day)

is there anything in the time capsule logs
i think theirs a known issue with apple time capsules
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Re: WAN IP keeps changing (twice a day)

I don't have access at the moment but I think you are right, this is very annoying!

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Re: WAN IP keeps changing (twice a day)

Without changing anything the current IP and connection has been stable for 36 hours so far


I am wondering if this has anything to do with me pinging the router constantly from work!

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Re: WAN IP keeps changing (twice a day)

You have to make sure it doesnt drop the pppoe session when theres no activity. That normally causes a new ip address to be given. There should be an option to keep it active in the settings.

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