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WD9970 settings to ease ping issues?

My issue: Ping spikes every 10 or so seconds on both wired and wireless. (Tested on pingplotter, and other ping plotting applications). Probably due to living in a household of 6. 

What I've tried: Replacing my BTHomeHub6 with a WD9970. 

However,  now I don't know what to do next. 

I have 10 devices connected to the internet. A TV (for video streaming), two PS4s (for gaming / one connected wirelessly, other wired), one PC (which I'm having the most trouble with ping spikes, it's wired), 4 mobile phones,  2 laptops. 

I don't know what settings to use on the router website, or what bandwidth control settings to try out. i need smooth ping on my PC, but still be able for the rest of my house to experience decent internet.  My internet is 66mbs up, 18 mbs down, 10 ping roughly. 

Extra knowledge: A technician came round and said everything was fine 

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Re: WD9970 settings to ease ping issues?

Suggest the 1st thing to do it put the homehub in the bin.

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