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WIFI Calling on sony xperia compact

Does any on hve the sony xperia compact working with wifi calling. I know it's not on the list but when in an area with **bleep** signal it asked me do I want to go to wifi calling when I press yes nothing happens.

The hand set is not from BT and the sim card is about 2 years old was thinking of getting a  new sim card just to try or move to a nother network.

Google said it would should work on EE wifi calling if got from them.

Thanks for any advice in adance as in the middle of north sea and wifi is **bleep** out here.

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Re: WIFI Calling on sony xperia compact

Hi @organic

As you are aware the Xperia Contact is not supported, however the recent android security update seems to enabled more handsets to unofficially work. Each network that supports wifi calling has a list of supported devices which is normally determind by the dtock firmware.

As for the SIM, when was it last in the UK? I'm not sure a new sim would help but you could try.

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Re: WIFI Calling on sony xperia compact

Thanks for reply

I was last in UK about 2 months ago, I have orded a new sim should be waiting for me when I get home late next week.

It was my phone keeps saying turn on wifi calling when in a area with no signal but nothing happes that why I asked on the forum if any one else got it working on that phone.

Thanks any way I will post on forum if new sim works.

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Re: WIFI Calling on sony xperia compact

Did you read this thread

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