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As we are quite a way from exchange we suffer from slow connection we were told we would get 1 -4 Mb, I have just done a test and got 1.71 Mb/s download 2.10Mb/s upload ping 452 ms.


We are using BT Hub 3 which although is connnected to socket where it enters the house is not in the part of the house we live in but for several years our laptops and printers have worked wirelessly slowly but without too much trouble, however over the last two years the connection keeps dropping out so after several conversations with BT they advised me to buy a Wi-Fi Home Hotspot Plus 600 kit which for a few weeks worked a treat we could get a signal in rooms we could not previously, suddenly when we tried to connect to the Home Hotspot it said unable to connect so I telephoned the helpline who got me to uplug and turn off the Hotspot and hub then turn them all back this worked but only for a few days but we were able to connect to the hub intermittently.


I complained to BT who said they found a fault on line and it was supposed to be fixed today so I am not sure if connection is better or not yet but I still have the proiblem of the Home Hotspot not working which I will ring them about tomorrow but I am also struggling with the fact that my two printers which I connect to wirelessly one Dell one HP keep going off line andp I have to keep switching printers and hub off then back on but that does not always seem to cure the problem.


I asked BT if it could be a problem with the hub because even if I stand right next to it and ask it to connect it says no internet connection but if I connect with the ethernet cable it works I was told they do not guarantee that the Hub works wireledssly which seems strange why would you advertise something as Wi-fi then say it is not guaranteed to work.


Any ideas how I can get my printers to work wirelessly and stay working.

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Please do not make multiple posts your first post was moved to the correct board as it is not a broadband speed problem
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no service provider guarantees wireless coverage or connection as there is to much potential interference
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