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WLan N Streaming - Problems With Home Network Speed.

Ok guys , Now it seems my 360 and new Media Centre each use Wlan N to connect with. Now as i have the BTHH 2.0B this is great news as it supports WLan N to a degree. Now the BTHH Seems to be pumping out 130MPBS Network speed. Which isnt bad thats aroujnd N150 not quite N300. So easily should be able to stream encoded HD movies.


This is where the problems come in. NO we cant stream. When connecting my MC or 360 Slim to the network the internet is perfect. But network speeds are extremely low. 39MBPS to be exact. Same with my PC 39MBPS. This isnt at all decent enough to stream and im wondering if its software or hardware failure.


Heres a few sidenotes:


*PC , 360 , MC - Each Connect even solo at 39MBPS never about sometimes its 26MBPS.

*HomeHub Is upstairs in its own room , With no speakers or 'interference' from sockets etc.

*Same speeds when Either PC , 360 , MC are within 10 feet of the router.

*Either MC , Will get to 'connecting' with the black screen then after about 5 minutes come to a pure black screen. And fail to run any further. Im guessing this is because of the extremely low network speed.

*Hardwiring into the LAN sockets is fine. Can stream 720p and 1080p content perfectly. Whether its through the Homehub or hardwired to the PC.  This is why im guessing the Wireless network isnt performing to well. And might explain the 'dropouts' i sometimes have.

* EACH Hardware connects via Wlan N , i made sure of this as i wanted a harmonic network. PC Uses N , 360 N , MC N. Also im sure N doesnt have backwards compatability with B/G?


***Also note - have done '2' Hard resets back to default settings just to see if that helped. Still no joy.


Ill post a few pictures of network speeds in a minute.


This is my PC


This is the 360

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