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WN1000RP Extender Connection Issues... (Please help for the love of God!)

Hello everyone I'll get down to brass taxxes.


I have a BT installed router with no WPS.  The model for this is a 2701HGV-C.


I just purchased a WN1000RP Netgear range extender that plugs into a wall socket that adds to my wifi signal range.


However, I am having a HUGE ammount of difficulty setting it up, the manual walk through provided by the WN1000RP is attrocious however after completing it, it is recognises as a device but isn't getting internet transmitted to it.


I think the primary cause of this is the way the Router is communicating with the WN1000RP  (which is esentially a wifi access point).  When I look up the settings for it, it doesn't have an assigned Gateway on the WN1000RP setup.  When I look for the device on my routers setup, it indeed does appear, however its saying its a static IP with very limited options.  It says DHCP is disabled with it (unlike all my other devices).  


My core question and hope that you guys can maybe add some knowledge is:  How do i get the router to give the WN1000RP internet?


  • WN1000RP Gets installed
  • It appears on the wifi network to all devices
  • However theres no internet coming through via the BT-BusinessHub_EXT (Thats what the WN1000RP automates your new connection as, I renamed it to the same SSID as my routerers wifi but that didn't help)
  • One small point, I was able to access my router via the WN1000RP wifi transmission so in someway they ARE communicating.

It seems like I have to assign my WN1000RP some kind of permission in the router menu setup but I'm not entirely sure what.


Anyways I spent about 5 hours trying to get this working, decided to come here and see if the knowledge base on BT Routers is robust enough to help me out with this problem.



Thanks alot for any replies or input you may have in advance.



P.S. It's a BT businessHub



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Re: WN1000RP Extender Connection Issues... (Please help for the love of God!)

Are you a BT Business Broadband user? If you are, then you are likely to get better support on the BT Business Forums, on this link


I am not familiar with the Netgear Extender, but if it is simply adding an access point, then you are going to have problems with some of the BT hubs, as they will prevent any form of roaming between access points.

All I can do is point you to my help page, where you may find something of use.

Wireless connection problems

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