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Waiting 4 months for service

Can someone help me, im a new costumer and i move home and ask for BT service on 10 April the first time, the engineer come 7 days later and tell me that was a problem with my Exchange, so we was to to a new order .
I ve more 3 engineers and 3 new order sense this day and im still without phone and broadband, now the new order is for 4/07.
What can i do to make a complaiment?
Im gonna wait more 3 weeks and i already know is gonna be the same problem.
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Re: Waiting 4 months for service

is your new home a newly built property? is connection FTTP - fibre to the premises or FTTC - fibre to street cabinet

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Re: Waiting 4 months for service

No, is a old house.
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Re: Waiting 4 months for service

@Mneves3 I'm really sorry about the delay getting your BT service connected, if you send over your order details we'll be happy to check your order to make sure everything is ok with it.

I can't make any promises about getting you connected sooner as there's likely a valid reason for the delay but we'll chase this up to find out what's going on.  You can find the 'click here to contact the mods' link by clicking on my username.



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