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Waiting for land line phone fault to be fixed

Phone Fault


I can only say that I noticed my dead phone line after the changes to BT Vision. That is because I am a disabled person and reserve my land-line phone for calls to 999 Ambulance and very occasionally, 0800 cals.


And yes, I do have a mobile phone which I could use for 999 BUT...


999 Ambulance requires you to remain connected until the Ambulance, or Paramedic arrives and, I use my Mobile to call my Carer to give me immediate assistance & support.


So, I've reported the fault on my land-line, BT have tested the line and agree there's a fault.


Even the Engineer who came to see about my BT Vision Faults tested the line and agreed there's a fault and yet...


Despite being Aged, Disabled and having a higher than normal need of 999 Ambulance BT say they can't possibly fix my line before June 10th and at that...


They scare me silly with threats about a near £100 charge if it turns out to be my fault - To me that's saying "We're going to try to blame you first so we can charge you and increase our profits!"




How is it that an engineer can attend almost immediately (next day in fact) to see about problems on my BT Vision and yet...


I have to wait until June 10th for an engineer to fix my phone?


Something totally illogical there I say!


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Re: Waiting for land line phone fault to be fixed

are you registered here and/or here


this may help you in the future

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Re: Waiting for land line phone fault to be fixed

Many thanks for the PDF Link.


I am disabled but not sure how this applies to me:


"registered as Chronically Sick & Disabled by your local authority social services under the Chronically Sick & Disabled Persons Act (CSDPA) 1970 or housebound and can’t leave the house without help because of a chronic long-term illness or disability."


I am able to get out and about alone but feel very unsafe in doing so, normally I have a carer with me to assist and 'keep me safe'.


I seem to think that it's a case where we go to Citizens Advice Bureau and get them to sort out if it'a applicable to me or not.


Thanks, Aleyn


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Re: Waiting for land line phone fault to be fixed

We have recently had a similar problem On Wednesday our phone went out (this was our whole street) All india seemed to be woried about was did we really want an engineer as that would cost us £99 if it was our equipment (As its the whole street how can it be our equipment)  we were told the 10th before it could be fixed the lady across the road phoned SKY yesterday and hey presto an engineer was out this morning and the fault was fixed!! This does make me think that now we are second class customers to BT as we get our service through them when a third party supplier can get openreach out the next day and we have to wait 3 working days

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Re: Waiting for land line phone fault to be fixed

Perhaps I'm old Fashioned but to me, BT = British Telecom = Telephones as a Priority Function and yet my experience tells me that Television Services are their current priority.


Idiotic really - We can manage without a TV but, some of us are dependant on immediate access to a phone to call for help when urgently required!


BTW - I wonder if anyone from BT actually reads our entries and says "We'd better act on this now!"?


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Re: Waiting for land line phone fault to be fixed

this is a customer to customer self help forum posts made here do not go directly to BT the only BT presence here are the forum moderators who may at sometime see your post the charge is only made if the fault is with your equipment or internal wiring after the master socket
the pdf does apply to you as you need help when going out and by the fact you are disabled
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Re: Waiting for land line phone fault to be fixed

BT Vision faults are down to BT to fix, as it's their service.


Phoneline faults are the responsibility of Openreach, not BT.  Openreach are under-staffed, over-worked, and not really accountable to anybody.

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Re: Waiting for land line phone fault to be fixed

I had thought, stupidly perhaps, that BT would be continuously scanning this forum for signs of Customer Disatisfaction in order to improve their service.


However, my problem MAY have been solved thuswise:


I had emailed BT with an explanation of my fault and included the fact that I am a disabled person etc - The reason for my email is so that I can "Get my thoughts in order" and "Cover everything I want to say in a sensible manner" and, so that I'm not interrupted by questions over the phone which always "Scramble my thoughts".


Late last night I had a phone call on my mobile from BT. He asked about my disability and then told me "Your fault will be fixed within 30 hours".


Or at least, I think that's what he said, his accent was very difficult to understand and, he just kept talking and talking - Apologising for this, that and the other so I ended up totally confused and shaking with the effort of trying to keep up with what he was saying so...


For me it's still a case of "I'll believe it when I see it"!


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