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Want BT line without using services!!

Hi all,

You may think this is a weird question but I need to know if I can have a BT Line installed in my home but without using it for anything just yet.

Let me explain....I am currently with Virgin media for tv, broadband, and phone but am having a terrible time with them lately and would like a bargaining tool to make them up their game or get Sky in.

I have actually tried to have a BT line installed in the past but the first Openreach engineer was so unbelievably rude I had to show him the door, the second wasn't much better so got rid of him too. Because of that I'm hesitant to get them back again but reckon I should give them one more chance.

As I've got Virgin in at the moment I want to know if I can get a BT line installed but just have it there ready to use if needed.

The nearest BT pole is in my neighbours back yard and was told by the second Openreach engineer that I would have to have the line fed through my house to the front room which would mean drilling through either my newly tiled bathroom or newly decorated bedroom which arent options.

I was hoping it could either go over the roof or through the attic space, is this possible? He said not!!

I hope this message makes sense and someone can give me some answers.


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Re: Want BT line without using services!!

Seems like a waste of money.

If Virgin don't do what you require then simply place an order for a line and broadband at that time.
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Re: Want BT line without using services!!

You already know you can get a BT line installed. That is what the two Openreach engineers you sent packing were going to do.


If you are just wanting one installed but you do not want to have it activated and not pay for it until you see what happens with Virgin that will not be possible.


You will only get a line installed once you have signed up to a provider.

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Re: Want BT line without using services!!

Bear in mind that if you sign up for a BT line, that will come with a 12 month contract for BT telephones.  This may limit your choices considerably, if you do decide to leave Virgin.


If you want the contract with somebody else, you would need to arrange the line through them, though it would still be Openreach installing the actual line.

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