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Want to use Openreach modem instead of Home Hub 5



I have acquired a brand new, in the box (presumably still locked) BT Openreach modem.


I would like to use this modem with my previous router (a Draytek 2830vn).


(we are suffering from a string of problems at the moment with the HH5 - not able to run a printer with a static IP, not very good wireless coverage compared to the old router, difficult to measure and record data usage, no manual, no meaniingful help, etc)


Can anyone advise: do these modems work staight out of the box, or do I need to obtain any settings/passwords, or whatever, from BT first? If I do need settings, can I find them somewhere on the HH5?

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Re: Want to use Openreach modem instead of Home Hub 5

It works straight out of the box.


If you plug the HH5 into it using the red WAN port on the HH5 and the LAN1 port on the modem, it will just work.


If you want to use the Draytek instead of the HH5, you just need to set up a PPPOE connection with the userid and no password or any password as the password is irrelevant.

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