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Warning 4KUHD boxes not in stock

Dissapointed ordered out 4kUHD box and delivery was due for today (19th), but when checking the progress of our order found that though delivery was marked for today the item had not been dispatched.  When we made contact with BT we are now told that the boxes are not in stock, they have none in their warehouse and they cannot give us a date for dispatch.  BT appear quick to get you to sign up/re-new packages but surley an email telling us of the delay would have been considerate.

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Re: Warning 4KUHD boxes not in stock

At the start of the year BT TV where expected to introduce a NEW BT TV UHD box with WiFi and HDR support, but that never happen.

The fact that more and more BT TV customers are reporting on these forums of failed delivery of their UHD box does indicate that the new box has been delayed, and as a result existing stock of the existing box has simply run out...

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Re: Warning 4KUHD boxes not in stock

I've just (18th August) received a 4KUHD box after ordering BT TV last Friday.  I kind of wish I hadn't as can't get BT Sport Ultimate to work, especially if it means a new box is imminent!

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Re: Warning 4KUHD boxes not in stock

Hi @TomTom84 

I'm sure their are people on the forum that can help you figure out why your BT Sports Ultimate isn't working.

With regard to the new box, it's all gone very quiet, and it my view, any new box is now delayed, possibly even into the beginning of next year.

Now I've written that, expect BT to announce the new box! 🙂

I wouldn't worry about which box you have, at the start of the year BT moved to a "rental" scheme for their TV boxes, in a very similar way to SKY.

So your new box is in fact owned by BT and is on loan, and must be returned to BT if you leave them.

One reason why I think they may have made this change is to make it easier to introduce a new box at some point in the future, so for example, if BT introduce a new HDR box and HDR service, I am guessing that when you subscribed to it you would get sent a new HDR capable box and a returns bag for your old box.

That way BT keeps control of the boxes in circulation, as it stops hundreds of used "ex-BTTV now ebay Freeview boxes" coming onto the market, but also allows customers an upgrade path.

Everything I've said above is just my view, and may be completely wrong...

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Re: Warning 4KUHD boxes not in stock

Since posting, today (21st) rang complaints dept to find out what the current situation is. Apparently said order of new box had actually not been ordered instead the order to the warehouse just said package. Therefore the kind lady whom I spoke to sorted out the mess that had been made with our order. Resulting in our box being delivered tomorrow (fingers crossed) and a £10 credit to our account, all of which are confirmed on our account. It appears talking from another family member who had a similar problem that 4kuhd boxes are not being ordered when packages are being upgraded.
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