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Warren Buckley & Complaints department

Does anybody know how to contact Warren Buckley. I have been trying to move my phone line from my old house to my new house (6m's apart,same site, same address, same number) since October 2012. Many, many calls, many bits of conflicting advice, appointments, BT charging me money, nothing done, engineer who did visit said he couldn't fix, BT then cancelled order altogether. I've raised a complaint, asked for it to be passed to Warren Buckley but nothing, no reply, nobody can put me through to anybody dealing with my complaint as apprantly they don't have contact details and nobody in BT seems to know who's dealing with it and currently BT have cancelled any actions and told me its nothing to do with them. The only acutual action they have taken is to try and get me to buy a further 12 month contract !!!


Tried to place an order with Open Reach who proudly say they are a BT company and they have taken more money from me with promises of action, again nothing despite chasing, no action, no resoloution. So 5 months in and £430 the poorer nobody will respond to anything including a formal written complaint for which I have a compaint number.


Its getting a bit desperate now as the part of the old house which BT's line is connected to is going to be knocked down on 23/3 (planning regulation so I have no option) and costs are now rising, so any advice before I go down the formal Ofcom route and start solictiors letters going.


Andy Norman

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Re: Warren Buckley & Complaints department

Hi Andy,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. This doesn’t sound good at all. I’ll be happy to take a look for you. Please drop me an email with the details. You’ll find the “contact us” link in the about me section of my profile.


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Re: Warren Buckley & Complaints department

I thought I would copy in my current situation, sorry its long and boring but this is the current situation.


Your enquiry reference number: 13*********



Complaint Ref VOL012-*********. Dated 1/3/13.

I need the following completed: Move my existing telephone box from one part of my property to another in a newly built house (same property, same address and 6 mtrs away from the existing part of the house). The existing part of the house where the telephone line comes overground is to be demolished (on 23rd March 2013) so the telephone cable needs to be rerouted underground (this work can be completed by my builders).


I rang 0800 800 151 at 08.55 on 22/10/12 to find out what I needed to do to effect this change. I was told it was not a house move as the address is the same, it would be a box move and that when I was ready it would take 1 week for somebody to come out.

I rang 0800 800 151 on 16/1/13 at 15.40 and spoke to Mamta who told me it would now take 1 month for an appointment and charged me £130, this of course delayed the building work I have taking place, the appointment was then set for 14/2/13. The engineer arrived and within 2 minutes told me he did not have the equipment to complete the work and that he would get a Surveyor to contact me to look at it and provide me with ducting and cabling so we (my builder) could put it underground in advance of an engineer connecting and moving the existing wall box.

No surveyor called so I rang 0800 800 151 on 25/2/13 at 16.08 and spoke to Sameer who told me an Surveyor would call me within 48 hours.

No Surveyor contacted me so I called 0800 800 151 on 1/3/13 at 09.00 and spoke to Maimisha, after waiting 1 hour and 5 minutes on the phone I was told no Surveyor was going to call and that the job needed to be cancelled and I would have to reorder requesting a house move 24 hours later on 0800 616866. At this point I also raised the complaint number above. When I asked about the complaints process I was told I would not get feedback about my complaint but I would have to call at a later date to ask what had happened.

Therefore at that point I had no order for this work to take place until I contact BT again and raised a new order. I had been told to order a house move, which was discounted as the wrong option on my call of the 22/10/12 and by Mamta on the 16/1/12 as not the correct option because I'm not moving house as the address is the same, the number is the same and it only needs a moving of the box and existing telephone line coming to the house.

2/3/13 12.00 Carina called me regarding my complaint and told me to do nothing, it was being dealt with by the 'OffLine' team and I would be contacted within 48 hours. I stated that this was contradictory to being told to reorder a home move. She told me the number was incorrect and to wait. I asked for contact deals of the Offline team and who was dealing with my complaint, no contact details available and no name or department number. Carina confirmed I was to wait. No call came.

5/3/13 16.24 rang 0800 1114567 regarding my complaint and spoke to Ramya who told me to wait until 3pm the following day and she would look into it. She rang back as promised and told me to contact Open Reach on 0800 0232023 and re-order as it was nothing to do with BT as we needed wire and trunking to place the cable underground, she also told me that I had to in parallel order a reconnection from BT in order to save time. She could not tell me who was dealing with my complaint or where/how to contact the complaints department.

6/3/13 15.51 contacted Open Reach on and they charged me £199 saying a Planner could contact me within 5 days. Order number *****.

12/3/13, 14.41 Rang BT on 0800 800150 and spoke to Sarah regarding a reconnection, she took my order for which she charged me £130 (again) and then I mentioned Open Reach were supposed to be contacting me. She checked and said if I ordered this now it would cancel the first order and we would be back to the beginning again. Therefore this order was stopped.

12/3/13 15.05 Open Reach on 0800 0232023 spoke to Mark to say no contact from Planner within the 5 days as promised, said he would email Planner.

At 15/3/13 09.00 No contact.


My complaint is therefore broken down as follows:

1. Despite me making the effort to establish what I needed to do on 22/10/13 and following instructions at this date the 15/3/13 I am no further forward and have no order as it has been cancelled by BT and at this point Open Reach are not contacting me.

2. I have to start the process again, if the next appointment takes more than around a week further excessive costs as set out below will be incurred.

3. I have been instructed to order a House Move, this option was discounted on the 22/10/12 & 16/1/13 and I'm not moving house just moving within the existing property so I have no confidence this order will result in the situation being resolved.

4. The existing part of the property where the telephone line enters the house is due for demolition on the 23/3/13. Therefore I give BT notice that failure to resolve this issue by that date will result in costs in the region of £1,000 per day plus place me in breach of planning regulations with me exposed by BT's actions to any resultant costs and legal actions taken by the Local Council. I will therefore be pursuing BT for these (but not restricted to the above) costs by any necessary means.

5. My time for resolving this situation as the Managing Director of my own business is currently £240 per hour and I have currently timed this at 3.5 hours in addition to the original set up time to this point. I therefore claim £840 plus VAT in accordance with recent legal presidents set.

6. I have been informed during various telephone conversation that BT do not as part of its complaints procedure give feedback to complaints and that it is my responsibility to contact you at a later point to establish the outcome of my compliant. At 15/3/13 I have had no reply to my complaint or resolution to any issues. I would welcome BT's comment on this before I progress this to the relevant watchdog.

7. I would request that this email/complaint is passed to BT's Director of Customer Services for comment on the following note below which are given in a positive manner in order to help BT improve.

8. Currently I have been charged by BT & Open Reach £430.


Note: As feedback and an opinion from a long established BT customer this situation has mainly arisen for the following two reasons 1. BT's use of offshore call centers, whilst everybody I have spoken to has been polite, courteous, have apologised at every point and have tried to help as best they could their basic inability to communicate in English, understand anything out side of a script or very basic pre-defined process has resulted partly in failure to resolve the issue.

2. BT's processes have added to point 1 as nobody I can speak to has authority to do anything other than order a box move or a house move or cancel an order. As a customer I have no other way of communicating with BT as a company or even speaking to somebody who can even understand what I as a customer require as these 'frontline' staff will not put me through to anybody within the business. I was even told at one point that the local engineers based 20 miles from me who could have solved this issue in one conversation if I was allowed to talk to them do not have a telephone number.

This leads to BT becoming a 'faceless' business with no address, no physical presence and it appears no staff within the UK. I'm sure that is not the case but whilst trying to communicate with BT I only have a view of a large offshore call centre where English is a second language and you cannot speak to the same person twice and nobody can help you or pass you on to anybody who can. A very frustrating customer service experience from a company who are in the communication business. 

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Re: Warren Buckley & Complaints department

Hi Andy,
I too am having the same problem but mine is concerning a fault on my line for 14 months. 11 engineers have visited my property in this time, repair one fault and leave me with another. I have contacted Ofcom, who will give you a ref No: to record the complaint but they do not deal with the issue, just tell you to write to head office in County Durham, which I did 2 weeks ago (like you, no reply). They said after 8 weeks, I can take it to the ombudsman.
I have several complaints ref No's but still no joy, have filled in the on-line complaints form (no joy) Complained to BT Openreach, who says I can only complain to BT (pass the buck) BT have had £540 off me for a faulty line for 14 months.
I rang today and asked about Warren Buckley and was told they did not have any details, but he is on twitter, so I tweeted him, surprise surprise, no reply.
I rang the cancellation team this afternoon and told them I am now looking to move to a provider who cares about their customers and have been told, even though my contract ended on 8th March, I have to pay a £30 dis-connection fee. A fee I have never been made aware of until today. You are damned if you stay with them and damned if you leave.
I too, will be taking this matter further and it seems, the only options are solicitors because this company will not help you in any way. I have wasted weeks complaining and am no further forward. PM me if you want any info.
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Re: Warren Buckley & Complaints department

And...... I forgot to add, I have made approx 25 calls to BT since the 25th feb and like you the majority have been to calls centers. I have even had one advisor chatting away in his won language and had to put the phone down. Contact with them is a feat in itself and to be honest is making me ill. We as customers have rights, but trying to get this across is impossible.
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