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Warzone - LAG - FTTP

Hi All,
Quick brief... I LAG bad on Warzone, GF doesn't really notice any altho skill level is massively apart im a 4-5kd without lag she is a 0.7kd so could be noob ;)! I have a beasty PC 3070, i7 10800k, 32gb RAM she has bang average 2060, i5, 16gb RAM
Both connected to a XR700
Both Wired
Both fed via a BT Huawai Modem FTTP >> XR700 >> PC's 1000mbps Down, 120mbps UP
I found the IP address for the Warzone server via the DumaOS Ping Heatmap and ping'd it on ping plotter on both mine and her PC. How come i am seeing so much packet loss and she is seeing none? How come no 3 has nothing on both and 7 and 8 100% packet loss... ANY Ideas?
The stats make no sense to me being that I have 0 idea about IT... all I know is that I LAG and she says she Dosen't
I shoot first, I die first... 
My game sort of jitters around the map, hers dosen't GF PCGF PCMY PCMY PC
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Re: Warzone - LAG - FTTP

Although if I PING to say Twitter.com - everything looks ok!? 



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Re: Warzone - LAG - FTTP

Infact nope Twitter now has 36.5 packet loss on 1 and 86.8 packet loss on 3

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Re: Warzone - LAG - FTTP

Your first image is readable after that is unfortunately not.

Have a look at the reply I gave here and see if the same applies https://community.bt.com/t5/BT-Fibre-broadband/UNFINDABLE-ISSUE-MANY-ENGINEERS-UPLOAD-NOW-FINE-DOWNL... 

If not post readable images.

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Re: Warzone - LAG - FTTP

I would strongly recommend you pop over to Netdumas forum and post there.

Are you running the latest 3.0 or the standard firmware?

As Duma is not your normal run of the mill software the best place to see if you have CC or geofilter issues is the above forum. If you create a post there add a @Newfie and I’ll pick it up and we can see what’s going on for you.

Dont forget hops can show dropped packets, it’s the end result or the follow through hops result.

Hope to see you on Netdumas forum.

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Re: Warzone - LAG - FTTP

Ive just tried using a different Netgear router - Still a nighthawk but not the XR700 this is like a R9000 or something.... The LAG is still IMMENCE!!! 

Its on both PC's 


There is only 2 things that have not been swapped out


The MODEM and the fibre wires into the Modem


Surely its one of these two things???? 

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Re: Warzone - LAG - FTTP

Or the servers. COD has a name for connections. 
if you tried the R9000 that is the same router as the XR700 and both are end of life but the XR700 will get some more updates.
If you pop to the forum I suggested you will find lots of complaints on COD, you will also find lots of advice.

COD have also altered the servers, they don’t like to respond to ping as they once did so you could try marking your pc as a games console under add devices. This will aid the connection.

Are you using ipv6? 
What’s your CC settings and geofilter?

Are you port forwarding?


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Re: Warzone - LAG - FTTP

Currently trialing a new setup.. Will update results! 

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