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Was my engineer Infinity2 install correct?

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me.


I have two phone sockets in a brand new build. I've got Infinity2 and getting download speeds of around 75MB down, 19MB up (I consider myself lucky).

The Hub5 is in the lounge using a microfilter. The wall socket is a big thing with tv aeriel connections and satellite connections.

The master socket is in the hallway, and has the Openreach branding on a top-half faceplate, with the bottom half that has the phone connection. There's just the socket for the phone. I've plugged the phone in through a microfilter into that master socket.


Looking around, I'm seeing people with an Openreach faceplate that has two holes: one for the phone, the other for the router.


Why do I have just the one phone socket rather than the faceplate with the two sockets, is that right? I can only get to 80MB on this line.



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Re: Was my engineer Infinity2 install correct?

Unless you have FTTP which you don't the max speed available is 80mb. Then engineer has wired it so the route works ok in the multi socket. If it works then it is ok

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Re: Was my engineer Infinity2 install correct?

If your getting 75mb down and 19mb up I don't think you need to worry about the master socket at all.


We are stuck with a max 52mb down and around 12mb up, it was a constant 16/17mb up until a few days ago, not happy about that but will save it for another thread.


We are connected to the master socket and we do have two connections on the faceplate, one for the router and another for the phone. Unfortunately in many of these new builds they are sticking the master socket in some quite ridiculous places. Ours is inside a cupboard in the hall.


We do have sockets next to the desk in the living room but the engineer said we would only get about 22mb if he connected the hub to one of these (Home Hub 5).


Given your almost at the max speeds I would just get on and enjoy it 🙂

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