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Watch now link broken?

In case anyone else is having this issue...


If I am on the 'Watch BT Sport Now' web page and click on the 'Watch now' link inside the yellow box I can't get the player to open. This used to work. 


If I click on the name of the progamme and then click on 'Watch Now' button in the bottom right hand corner of the programme pop-up the player opens.


Hope someone finds this useful and it gets fixed.

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Re: Watch now link broken?



I seemed to be having the same problem on a Samsung laptop I was restoring from a major fault. The links starting from the Home button all along to the Video button are clearly active, as the 'hand' pointer appears when you hover. The WatchNow button just has the arrow pointer no matter if you hover.


However I realised that if you move the pointer slightly down from the WatchNow button into the black space between the WatchNow button and the advert, a wide banner menu appears with a sub-menu containing three further choices - BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, and ESPN, each with Watch Now > below them. If you hover the pointer over any of these three options, the 'hand' pointer appears, and clicking the mouse takes you to the selected channel, although you will get a BT Sport log in screen first if you haven't already logged in.( Plus there are the active links on the next line down, left side of screen as you have described.)


This doesn't happen on my desktop.  On my desktop the whole WatchNow button is an active link area. Strange.


It was useful to discover someone else with the same problem, as initially it seemed like a showstopper.



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