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Watching F1 on other devices

We have the big sport package from BT and watch the F1 through now TV.

Is there any way we can catch up on the F1 on another device after? It's obviously not in the BT app.

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Re: Watching F1 on other devices

Yes - to some extent - via the website / app.  e.g.

(You'll have to register, etc)

You can only watch what is currently being broadcast - so the F1 Qualifying Highlights are playing from 8pm today.

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Re: Watching F1 on other devices

In my bt account there is a space which says manage my account which takes me to a log in screen or reset my password.

I don't remember ever creating a now tv account but I've tried to reset my password so I can add devices. The email they sent me when I click forgotten password just takes me to a blank page though or says page cannot be displayed?

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Re: Watching F1 on other devices

My Now TV was set up independently as a bolt-on, not via BT as part of a new package so I'm not sure how the "new" arrangement works.

Have you looked at your full channel list via the BT TV app to see whether the various Sky Sports channels are selectable to view?  They are not on mine which is as expected as a legacy non-integrated subscriber.


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Re: Watching F1 on other devices

The BT app just have BT channels, it doesn't include anything about F1.

It's frustrating that I just can't seem to find a way to get in to the now tv account.

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Re: Watching F1 on other devices

Could be number of issues but I am sure your package (once set up properly) should give you access to your Now TV channels on other devices via the Now TV app.

This thread includes other customers in a similar situation - the most common cause seems to be incompatibility of Sky email addresses or incorrect/incomplete registration between BT and NowTV.  In the latter case Moderators have generally intervened and brought about a fix.

Just check one more time that you can't log into with the same email address you used to register with BTTV.  If the blank page problem persists then if possible try a different internet browser.  If that fails you will probably need Moderator assistance to get you sorted (hopefully in time for the next Grand Prix).

Once NowTV recognises your legitimate BT subscription, you log into the Now TV website on your other device.  Clicking on the programme in the (Sports) menu triggers the Now TV Player window to open and off you go (you may need to install the Now TV Player app manually depending on which platform you use e.g. Apple App Store). 


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Re: Watching F1 on other devices

Download the nowtv app on your other device.   


Use the mail id  you used when you took the package with BT to log in. (with whatever password you set). 

If you have forgot your password you can reset on the nowtv web site / app.

You can watch have 6 devices, which one will be your set top box. 

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