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Water present in incoming phone cable - will BT fix?

I've been doing some work on the front of the house and needed to tidy up the incoming phone cable (on the BT side of the master socket, so at my own risk). The cable had water in it and a very strong musty smell; there was a "rubber" end "cap" on the cable, with four wires poking through - two in use and two left free - the remaining wires were bent back behind the "rubber cap" and were wet and heavily corroded.

My line has voice and infinity - line speeds have been consistent with what the engineer first connected at (e.g. due to distance from the cabinet). The cable was fitted approx 7 years ago following building works, and had noise intermittently for a couple of years (with DSL disconnections) but nothing for several years.

The water cannot be getting in from the master socket end, so must either be cable damage or getting in from the pole end (in front of the house, maybe about 30 metres of cable)


does anyone have any thoughts on whether this needs attention from BT?  there did not appear to be water seeping from the cable until I removed the end cap, but there must be water in at least the last 3 meters (run inside a porch) to get to the end.

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Re: Water present in incoming phone cable - will BT fix?

BT do not provide or maintain the external network. This is done by Openreach who work for all service providers.


Unless there is a fault report, Openreach will not take any action unless its a health and safety issue.


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