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We can't process this order online

Over the last 3 days I have tried to order an additional mobile sim card online with a promotional Amazon gift card.

When trying to do this online I get an error message “We can't process this order online. Please call us on ....”. I get the same on 4 different devices / PC’s.

I tried Live Chat and was told there was an alternative number to ring, who would be able to take the order over the phone and still get the gift card. I tried this and they said no, but they were aware of customers having problems online and to try again later.

I sent an email complaint and was advised to ring again - explain the problem and they would be able to help and put it through manually. I did this but again they couldn’t do anything about the Amazon Gift card.

Including Live Chat I have spoken to 4 different people to try and resolve problem all with conflicting advice. It therefore seems impossible for me to order a sim card and claim Amazon gift card.


Has anyone else had the same problem?

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Re: We can't process this order online

@Topcat99 I'm really sorry about the problem you're experiencing with your order. When speaking with the orders team ask to be transferred to the easy assist team stating you are having difficulties with the website. They can replicate online orders and ensure that you get the same deal and voucher offer. 

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