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Web site epic fail -- again

Back in July I migrated three mobiles from EE to BT and spent several weeks trying to get 'My BT' to reflect the fact. For at least that time the site persisted in telling me that there were no mobiles on my account, to which I responded by saying that if there were no mobiles I saw no reason to pay for them. 

After a lot of e-mail exchanges with various BT folk, the problem was finally fixed and for the last few weeks I've been able to see most of the information about my mobiles on the site. Not all of it, but enough. But guess what I found this morning? Yep -- "there are no mobiles on this account".

Short of writing a bolshie email to BT's CEO, can anyone suggest a way of persuading someone at BT to take a look at the problem and sort it out once and for all? Please?


And if there are no mobiles on the account, shall I cancel the direct debit mandate which pays for these non-existent devices? 




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Re: Web site epic fail -- again

Hi @segillum,

Thank you for posting. I'm sorry to see that the problem with your My BT and BT Mobiles has come back again. If you send me your details, I'll get this investigated.

I have sent you a private message with instructions on how to contact me.  You can access your messages via the envelope icon at the top right of the screen, or click on this link, Private messages



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Re: Web site epic fail -- again

Message duly sent same day, no response as yet. And the site is still malfunctioning. 

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Re: Web site epic fail -- again

Hi @segillum,

Thanks for posting. I've checked our queue and we have your details. We're very busy at present but we will get to you soon.



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