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Weird BT Home Hub 2.0 issue... -.-'

Tch... I don't know where to start with this...

Right, as we all know, the Broadband light on Home Hub should turn blue when everything is properly connected, meaning everything is good to go. And sure, mine does this for the most part. However, my Hub isn't without its faults as it has been acting weirdly ever since I received it around 3 months ago. It's a replacement mind, as my old one fused (never had any issues with that, btw). But anyway, on some occassions (OK, this is the fourth time) the Broadband light won't turn blue at all unless I insert the ethernet wire into the Hub and the other end into my computer *.

Problem solved, right? No.

When this happens, my internet browsing speeds drop drastically (I can't even browse using FireFox was it won't load sites), DL speeds are just plain awful and everything else is just ...ugh. It's only when the Hub Broadband decides to magically work without needing the ethernet wire connected is when everything starts to work perfectly again (and trust me, it does). But I really don't know how to do this as most of the time I get it working again is usually purely accidental (don't ask, because I don't know). 😕

One of things I've noticed when this issue happens is that Local Area Connection IP changes (default would be 64, but when this issue arises it's 66 or something). I've also noticed that if I connect the ethernet wire into both computer and Hub and then turning on the computer before
turning on the Hub (I switch rooms, so the Hub gets moved around a lot), I get a completely different LAC IP address (completely different number from my default, btw). o.O

Anyway, this stupid issue has arisen again and I've tried everything, like renewing my IP via cmd, full reseting my hub, to manually changing the LAC IP to its default... without success. -_-

It's really annoying me since I have no idea why my Hub would randomly act like this. ;|

Do you guys have any idea as to why this would happen? A glitch of some sort maybe?

*I should also note that if I anytime remove the ethernet wire from my computer, the Broadband light will turn orange.

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Re: Weird BT Home Hub 2.0 issue... -.-'

It sounds as though there is an internal malfunction on the circuit board and plugging something into a port moves the internal workings.


Report the hub as faulty and insist on a replacement. I went through FOUR HH2s over a period of about three months before I got a fifth one that was OK.

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