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Weird issue with N300 extender

We cannot get internet in one of the rooms of the house, so we purchased one of these extenders direct from BT, but when we put it in the room it's too far from the hub and the closest socket to the room is too far from the room to make a difference, to solve this I decided to use an Ethernet cable to connect the extender to the hub while it was in the room, the extender now works great, however no one can connect to the original hub (home hub 3.0?) Wirelessy, the wired connection works fine though but we need the wireless connection, unplugging the extender returns everything to normal, does anyone have a solution to this? Tech support could only offer a replacement extender and I can't really see this as being caused by a faulty extender
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Re: Weird issue with N300 extender

I think the problem could be that the device is not intended to be conected by Ethernet to the Homehub. The Ethernet connection can be used when setting up the adaptor or for connecting devices to the adaptor.


If you connecto to the Homehub with it you are in effect turning it into a wireless access point rather than extending the Homehubs wireless signal.


If you are prepared to runEtherned cable and just need to be able to connect a wireless device you would be better getting a proper wireless access point device.


I have used the TP-Link Nano which can be configured to be an access point, router, bridge  or repeater depending on your needs.



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