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What a waste of time - BT Cloud and sharing music files I own copyright to

So I upload around 20Gb of original music that I have recorded by two original music bands (no cover versions - totally original) and having mixed the live recordings and having waited and waited and waited whilst the 20Gb's upload to BT CLoud, I now wish to share them with the band members and song writers.

No way !!

Cannot share music files .....They're copyrighted, well yes they are, to the people I am sharing them with.

So I read a post elsewhere here that states it doesn't matter if you own the copyright, because they are 'copyrighted' I cannot share them.

So, taking that analogy, all photographs that I have taken and may choose to upload also cannot be shared as I own copyright to them and therefore they cannot be shared either.....because they are copyrighted.

Similarly, any written document or spreadsheet is also copyrighted to me because I produced it and therefore those  also cannot be shared, because they too are copyrighed work.

How does Google Drive, MS One Drive and even YouTube manage to overcome the shackles of this policy?? 

So what exactly can one share via this nanny-state service??

.................and please don't suggest anything that has a hint of copyright.



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